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        China Health Insurance
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        About UsChina Health Insurance is one of Asia’s largest independent medical insurance intermediaries. We specialize in providing medical insurance to foreign nationals and expatriates living and traveling in China. Our extensive knowledge of China and our experience of working with the world’s top medical insurance companies means that we can provide you with the best private medical cover available.


        Our offices are at 19th Floor, 1329 Huaihai Zhong (Middle) Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China.

        Tel: +86 21 6467 1304 Fax: +86 21 6467 0328

        We currently have extensive relationships with more than 60 leading international insurance providers, in addition to offering extensive options from China Health Insurance underwriters. The number of companies we work with means that we can offer China medical insurance plans at extremely competitive prices. Furthermore, you will never pay more for using China Health Insurance, or our extended services, to fulfill your insurance needs. When you purchase a plan from us the price you pay will be exactly the same as if you had gone to the insurance provider directly, and in many cases we can even offer substantial discounts.

        For more information about the many insurance companies we work with to provide comprehensive medical insurance plans to expatriates in China please click, China Health Insurance Companies.


        China Health Insurance is an insurance intermediary. This means that we will always work for you, giving you impartial and unbiased advice on which medical insurance coverage options are best for you - our clients are our ultimate concern, and we will never advise you to purchase a medical insurance policy which does not meet your requirements.

        Whilst we can offer coverage options from as many as 60 leading international and Chinese health insurance companies, we choose only to work with providers which have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to service - ensuring that any plan you purchase through China Health Insurance will give you the comprehensive protection you need.

        Helping you to feel comfortable with your policy and providing superior customer service are our main goals. Our team of experts will always take the time to understand your needs. In most cases we are able to customize a plan to meet your specific requirements, making most of the plans we offer truly unique.

        Additionally, our expert team of China medical insurance advisers are able to speak more than 15 major global languages, ensuring that you are able to receive information about China Medical Insurance policies in the language you understand.


        1. 爱夏:

          你好, 我经常出差到欧洲一些国家。我在那里紧急情况下能为我提供保障的产品,你们有哪些?谢谢!


          1. Crystal:


            Kathleen, 希望我的解答对您有帮助。如您希望了解报价,请通过邮件回复告诉我。




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