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        China Health Insurance is China’s leading maternity insurance intermediary. We work with more than 60 leading international health insurance companies and are able to offer both expatriates and Chinese nationals the widest range of choice for their maternity insurance coverage in the whole of China.

        Maternity health insurance policies are the best way to protect yourself against the costs associated with giving birth both in China and elsewhere around the world. Holding a maternity insurance policy from China health insurance will enable you to receive maternity services at the best hospitals in the world; if you are in China you can use the exceptional facilities of a hospital like Beijing or Shanghai’s United Family Hospitals, or you can even elect to travel overseas and use, for instance, the pregnancy services at a hospital like Hong Kong’s Matilda Hospital.

        With a Maternity medical insurance plan you are always assured of having the extensive pregnancy and maternity related support you deserve, no matter what.


        Before obtaining a health insurance plan it is important to understand how waiting periods will affect you.

        Maternity insurance coverage will almost always be attached to a waiting period. This is the length of time which you must have held the policy for prior to being able to claim for a specific coverage benefit. Under a maternity insurance policy in China this waiting period will normally be applied in one of two ways:


        A waiting period which occurs Until Conception will mandate how long you must have been on the policy before you are able to conceive, if you wish for the pregnancy to be covered under the plan.

        For example, if your maternity medical insurance plan in China has a waiting period which is levied on an Until Conception basis, and the length of the waiting period is 12 months, then you must have been only the policy for 12 months before you can conceive a child if you would like the pregnancy to be covered under the policy.

        Only conceptions occurring after the waiting period will be covered under a waiting period which is placed on the policy Until Conception. Conceiving a child 10 months from the start of the plan will mean that the pregnancy, and consequently the delivery, is not eligible for coverage under the policy if the waiting period is 12 months Until Conception.

        All Maternity Insurance policies from China Health Insurance will normally include a waiting period; however the specific details of the waiting periods will tend to vary between insurance companies. As such it is important that you understand the waiting periods on your China maternity insurance policy and plan accordingly.

        For more information about Waiting Periods generally found on China Health Insurance plans please click China Health Insurance Waiting Periods.


        To receive a free quote for a maternity insurance plan in China all you need to do is fill out the short form at the top of this page. Our expert advisors will then contact you with a comprehensive comparison of all the plans best suited to meet your individual needs.

        Alternatively, you can also Contact Us to speak with a China health insurance broker directly. Whatever your questions, we will be more than happy to help assist you in finding the best pregnancy insurance coverage.


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