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        China Health Insurance
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        We know how important it is to get the best insurance coverage at the best price. Having a great health insurance plan gives you access to the best facilities and doctors should anything happen to you or your family. It is highly important to get the best insurance plan for your needs and budget, and that’s why we’re here. We, as leading international health insurance specialists, can advise you on what insurers and plans will be best for you and your situation. We’ve been working with the top insurers in the industry for over 15 years and have more than enough experience to be able to help you find the perfect plan for your family’s needs.

        Medical insurance plans can be complex and overwhelming to understand. While we’ll be on hand to clarify anything you are having trouble understanding, we thought we’d give you a breakdown of the different modules or sections of an health insurance plan that you can purchase. With this knowledge, you can decide which elements are important to you in your health insurance plan. Once you’ve picked, we’ll help you to find the best insurer for your needs at the price that suits you.

        Family Cover

        Before we have a look at the options available to you on an Individual or Family Health Insurance Plan, let’s quickly cover 婉宜Hospitalisation and Emergency Coverage婉宜, as this is included in all plans, and by all insurers. This coverage protects you and your family members should anything happen requiring in-patient hospitalisation. If you or a family member suffer an accident, illness, or injury, all costs of treating you will be covered by your insurance plan. This coverage normally includes oncology (cancer) cover as well, including related treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.

        Now let’s take a look at the options you have regarding your health insurance plan:

        • 婉宜Outpatient Coverage婉宜 - This is for trips to the doctor or hospital that do not require you to stay overnight. Cover includes the costs of the doctor, medication, and any diagnostic testing. Normally, outpatient plans come with a range of further benefits including features such as physiotherapy.

        • 婉宜Maternity婉宜 - Maternity insurance is for those of you looking to start a family or add to your existing family. As part of your health insurance policy, maternity cover will cover the costs of all pre-natal, pregnancy, delivery, and post-natal treatments. Many maternity insurance plans will include cover for your newborn as well.

        • 婉宜Dental婉宜 - Coverage for a variety of dental procedures such as polishing, scaling, cleaning, and dental surgery including major restorative work.Dental coverage is an option available on most plans.

        • 婉宜Optical婉宜 - Optical insurance covers benefits such as replacing lenses or contacts. Further options and add-ons can include cover for corrective eye surgery (Lasik).

        • 婉宜Evacuation婉宜 - Whether you need this cover is largely location dependent. For anyone who lives in, or travels often to countries that have a lower standard of healthcare, you may want to consider evacuation cover as part of your health insurance. This will allow you to be evacuated to a country with a higher standard of healthcare, and better quality facilities, which can make a difference to your treatment and recovery.

        • 婉宜Pre-existing Conditions婉宜 - These are the most asked about optional extra on your health insurance package. Coverage for pre-existing conditions is becoming increasingly available on plans through several means, such as premium loading. This can ensure that regardless of an illness or injury you incurred before your policy application, you can still receive treatment and be covered for that condition. Without coverage for any pre-existing conditions, you will be personally responsible for any treatment you receive on them. Coverage for these conditions is given on a case by case basis to individuals, and it is recommended you talk to a specialist if you want this type of coverage. (For more info on pre-existing conditions click here)


        We here at China Health Insurance have years of experience dealing with insurers to find the best possible policies for our clients’ needs. We’ve helped thousands of clients get the plan they wanted and needed, why not let us help you and your family? As a leading international insurance specialist, we will find your perfect plan through picking the modules and sections of a policy that you need and want at the best price and from the best health insurers. If you are just starting a family, your insurance needs may change over time, so we can help you to select a policy and insurer that provides you with the flexibility to modify your plan when you need to. We will gladly help you find the right policy, covering any of the above elements.


        China Health Insurance are leading experts in international health insurance. Working with us ensures that you will get the best plan for you. As a leading insurance intermediary, we do not hold preference for certain insurers as we work with them all to produce the best end result for you.

        We are an independent and highly experienced health insurance intermediary. The list of insurers we work with is extensive and we have helped over 100,000 clients find the perfect insurance plan for them to date. As the world’s leading provider of international private medical insurance, we believe that just a few minutes with us will give you the advice you need to buy the best insurance plan for you, though longer consultations are of course available.

        At China Health Insurance, we make it a point to never sell health plans that we wouldn’t buy ourselves. This ensures that we can recommend the best plans for you with absolute sincerity. If you’re unhappy with an insurer that we have arranged for you, then let us know and we will stop selling that plan. We have dedicated teams on hand within each insurance company we deal with to help us, and you as our clients, get the best service possible.


        You may want to transfer your plan to us if you are unhappy with your current insurance intermediary, be they an agent or a broker. We believe that we can help to improve your service. Not only that, but we may even be able to provide you with more benefits on your plan, or a discounted premium.

        Our specialists in office, as well as in at the many insurers that we deal with, will make sure to enhance your service and give you a much better overall experience. If there are any problems with your current plan, or insurer, or you want to talk to us about any of

        your options, then contact us here.


                1. patricia:

                  am looking for family health care insurance during next 8 months in Xiamen china; i want someone i can speak with to ensure that i have local support; i have just quite with another health care provider because i was unhappy with their support.


                  1. Mauricio:

                    I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the service of your past insurance provider.
                    We at Pacific Prime only work with reliable, accountable and financially stable insurance companies. It is important for us to be certain that the insurance company will provide with the support and service that is expected from every client.
                    Our China office has over 10 years experience and we currently work with a large number of different insurance companies that are based in China. Having local support in China is very important, and you want to be certain that the insurance company will give you local support. In Xiamen, we know which companies perform better than others and that can give you a higher level of support in this city. Our knowledgebase also as extensive information on which hospitals work better for expatriates in Xiamen.
                    For more information on China Insurance or Xiamen insurance, please submit a quote in the section at the top of our website.


                2. Douglas Sparks:

                  i am looking for family insurance for china and for USA - do you have a product for this requirement


                  1. Sheila:

                    Thank you for the inquiry regarding your insurance coverage requirements. We at Pacific Prime are one of the top international brokers catering for the needs for expats in China and across the world. Many of our American clients require cover in Asia as well as back home in the states. Worldwide cover can be added to the plan to cover the USA plus your country of residence.

                    Doug, I can send over a side by side comparison quotations to include cover in the USA – As we work very closely with onshore providers such as CIGNA China, Aetna Huatai, ICBC AXA, NOW Health and BUPA Premier. All plans can have worldwide cover.

                    If you wish to discuss this further please let me know and I will be more than happy to schedule a call.



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